Time for beauty keeper product - ROSY PINK MOISTURE DEW review, I'm been using this after the sample store event on Mar17. It is simply something you MUST have! 

Serlando products were made in the U.S for 20 years whilst making sure to provide and create safe, fast and effective professional skin products for its users.

It's a Best Seller Item and helps lighten and beautify your skin based on your skin's pH level. Its design is convenient and easy, which means you can bring it on the go and apply it whenever you feel like it.  

I personally can't live without lipsticks, I'm glad to have tried this product. It definitely increases moisture. 

Do you also know that it can, not only be applied to lips but also areola & private part? Natural plant extracts are gentle, help to soften skin make you feel good inside and out. The product beautifies the skin tone according to the pH level of your skin, and lighten your skin at the same time.

'Apply it anywhere you want. Enjoy the pinkish beautiful skin with simple application and say goodbye to dark skin tone.' It's quick, safe & effective! 

It's look like this, just roll on your lips 

With stylish packaging that matches your fashion sense. 
Easy to carry around in your bag.

Beautify your skin whenever you need, 
you can use it daily or in need. 

Why I love Rosy pink moisture dew?

  • Luxury and Sultry Packaging
  • Customised shade of pink - shade of pink would be according to your P.H. level.
  • Easy to use - just roll on
  • Last very long
  • Rose Geranium scent - It depends on whether you like the rose geranium scent or not
  • Absorbs and dry quickly - Less drying time
  • Suitable for the flicker minded who can’t decide what lip colour to wear 
  • Kiss-proof

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