Sample Store's first ever Beauty Show at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria

Thanks to Sample Store for the invitation, attended their first beauty show collaboration with Beauty Keeper at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria, Marina Bay Sands.

As a beauty products lover, I'm so excited to attend this event.I decided to wear a simple blouse & pant to the event 

Top: TheVelvetDolls 
Pant: Zara 

Thanks to Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria for the awesome lunch meal!

 I really enjoyed the food and the meat is so tender. yum!

The host on that day - Hossan Leong

The most hilarious emcee I've ever met.
He really did a good job of entertaining us as I didn't feel bored during the show and instead I enjoyed it. 

The makeup artist - Candy Tiong, a beauty veteran whom has received numerous accolades and worked with international celebrities.

Candy was sharing with us how good the products are from Beauty Keeper ( after she uses them. For example, she uses Stretch Marks Remover Synergy and the mark disappeared after just 4 weeks. 

Events highlight - Guest from Grand Finalists of SING! China Season 2 Singapore Selections. 

Congratulation to Marcus who will represent Singapore to China for the competition. Good luck to you 💚

Candy carried a demo of these products on Alan, one of the Sing!China finalists:

1. Destino Advanced Repairing Face Soap
2. MD/AA Jiao Oil and Water Dual Balancing Gel
3. Userism Bright Whitening Ultra-Water Facial Mask

To prove how effective Destino Advanced Repairing Face Soap is, Hossan suggested to play a game of guessing whose hand belongs to a lady after getting two gentlemen and one lady to go on stage to cleanse their hands with the product.  

Alan even claimed that this game was too easy, and obviously the 1st one belong to the lady's hands.

But sorry Alan, your answer is incorrect! Everyone was laughing out loud when he popped the wrong answer 

No wonder Hossan said this is a 'Tai Tai' face soap

Next, Candy shared some makeup tips on how to execute a day-to-night look on another Sing!China finalists, Mio by using these products: 

1. Userism D.D Cream SPF 50 Dynamic All-Daily Defense
2. Serlando Rosy Pink Moisture Dew
3. All-Belle Natural Lash False Eyelashes

Last but not least, Candy demonstrated how to remove Jolin's makeup by using water and skincare towel.  

What?!! no soap, no cleanser but only water?? My god! 
No more excuse to say "No" to cleaning your face after make-up.

So far this is the faster & simpler way to cleanse.

After the demonstrations, 
I decided to get their best seller Rosy Pink Lipstick & of course the "Tai Tai soap" - Destino soap. 
Blogger Rui Ying also bought their Rosy Pink Lipstick & DD Cream too 

There were counters located at the back where the bloggers and public were seated so that we could take a look and test the beauty products out.


Destino Advanced Repairing Face Soap 

 I heard this face soap is super sellable in Taiwan due to its gentle, yet powerful cleansing properties. 

It is suitable for almost all skin types. 

The classic ingredient Cistus, is rich in antioxidant molecules that fight free radical attacks and helps activate cells, repairs and restores any skin damages made by the environment.

Rosy Pink Moisture Dew

 A unique product for the areola, lady's private parts and lips as well. This product contains active ingredients such as Lumiskin that helps brighten dull area and reduce melanin, providing a natural rosy pink glow on the lips.
 It is also rich in shea butter, hilurlip, ceramide and organic plant oil to moisturise dry areas and prevent chapped lips.

D.D cream SPF50 Dynamic All-Daily Defense

which helps to block dust from attacking skin and also to keep a lovely, light foundation on all-day. 
It works just like how you'd apply a BB or CC cream so that's pretty simple to use.

Bright Whitening Ultra-Water Facial Masks

 which comes in a nicely packed box with 3 tubes. 
All you have to do is to take a tube of the mask and add 5ml of efficiency essence (also provided within the box) on it.

 Apply on your face for 25 mins and continue using the remaining essence for the next 7-10 days.

 This is suitable for namely, all types of skin. 

Essentially this product brightens skin vitality and help your skin retain moisture for a long time, and also help to repair skin damage.

Taiwan Aboriginal Series-B Masks

These masks are soooo prettily designed and contains various vitamins, plants and herbal extracts, essential oils to aid skin to look its most radiant. 

Suitable for Normal, Dry or Sensitive skin types.

Facial Mask Beauty Brush

This brush is made from a special type of rubber, that is soft to use and allows for a very even spread of facial mask products across the face, especially around hard-to-reach areas of your face. 

Using this brush is also said to have lifting properties.
 Also, it is easy to cleanse this brush with a quick rinse of water.


an intensive synergy formulated to shape your body with noticeable improvement in 2 weeks, and optimal in 4 weeks

All these products shown in this post can be purchased from Beauty Keeper website, so do visit them at 

For more on Sample Store, visit their website at

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