Playbrush Review (Sponsored Post)

Recently received a fun Playbrush from Sample Store. 
It is like a teeth game to introduce children to the world of brushing teeth! How smart! (Can't wait to let my girl to try up when she know how to brush her teeth) 

 Before I go into details, watch this video to get a sensing of how you can use technology to encourage your child to enjoy brushing his teeth!


Playbrush has a so simple design that all kids and the young at heart can play fun and instructional mobile games while brushing their teeth.

The Playbrush pack comes with the device in blue, a really cute illustration booklet, and a USB charger.

Playbrush comes with a charger that can be easily connected to any USB adapter and the Bluetooth connection after downloading the game app Utoothia (Android/iOS) was fairly easy. 

Switch the Bluetooth on your handphone and shake Playbrush. 
As soon as it blinks, you are good to go. 

The steps to use 

To start the game, you need to first download the Utoothia App available on Apple Store of Google Play. 

It is package as a “teeth game” with bright colors, and super cute illustrations to encourage children to start a good habit of brushing their teeth.

Insert the toothbrush into the device, give it a good shake, wait for the blinking yellow right and you are ready to start.

 In order to score, player needs to control exerted strength and speed while brushing. This rule is good as it prevents the child from getting too excited and harm his/her gums. There is also a reward section to reward player after their hard work. 

Personally, I love to brush teeth like 3/4 times per day. 
Maybe I love to smile with teeth. Thus, I always think maintaining a clean/white teethes is a MUST for a girl. 
Imagine a pretty girl smile with a yellow teeth ?? yew~~

I do really think Playbrush is a smart product!
It really helps and encourages kids to learn how to brush their teeth properly in all the direction and brushing at least for 2 minutes. 

so, what you waiting for ?? 

You can purchase their own set at Playbrush website for a $20 discount off their retail price of $89!

Simply use promo code: PBSG2016

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