Hens Night Party at Furama RiverFront Hotel Singapore

Before I begin, let me say that I’m super super super excited about this post!

My elder sister - SUE ENG is getting married, Finally!!! 

The girls and I did some preparation for the night,
and we also booked a room at Furama Riverfront Hotel

Furama's Executive Suite King room 

If you'a ll continue to read then will get the answer why we need a big room **evil laugh** 

1pm - we check in and for some room decoration

Me, Boon Yan, Jasmine & Ashley

Another side, Wei Qi was pretend have an gathering with my sister Sue. I've no idea how Wei Qi going to bluff my sister came to Sephora make up & bring up to hotel ... *lihai

fyi: She have no idea what she going to do later, who to meet & even stay one night** of course I already get permission from my bil & help her pack everything ..teehehe

what she know was her whole day fully occupied by us 

4pm - Surprise  

I can see my da jie eyes like full of tear, 感动咧

Must look like a Bride-to-be
So, come with veil, tiara & sash

I shall let the pictures do the talking!

of course some wine time 

Delivery Pizza-Hut - actually quite convenient 
And we (6 girls) can't finished all 

Pop-up Pirate games was fun 
My sister & I can't stop to screamed out loud, you can watch the short video, haha

8pm - Someone came & knock our room bell ...

Yes, is Stripper time ..whoohoop!! 

The company got 4 sexy body for us to choose & we choose Lucas

The climax of that night 
The bride-to-be have an awesome & memorable night!
Damn 刺激,okay~~

Due to 18sgx, these the only photos I can share in my blog ..
 (video give me sometime to edit, too many 18sgx to cut) 

Damn handsome & sexy Lucas 

❤  * ❤ * ❤ * ❤ * ❤ * ❤ * ❤

Experience of a memorable, cozy and fun hen's night

Thank you girls for your precious time

Thanks for reading

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