pompompurin cafe singapore at orchard central

Finally entered the world of pompompurin. Immerse yourself in the cuteness of the decor of the cafe and food. 

Pompompurin cafe singapore was opened on April 18,2016. It was the first sanrio character cafe that enters Singapore, drawing large crowds of diners.

So, bring your kids along because I'm pretty sure it'll be one of their happiest days! 

pompompurin cafe singapore

Ok, let me give you all some Purin's background :

Pompompurin is a dog, a golden retriever.
 He has his own secret stash of shoe collection, especially Papa’s leather shoes and Mama’s sandals.
 He enjoys napping and his favourite food is Mama’s crème caramel pudding. His BFF is Muffin the hamster!

pompompurin cafe singapore

They even sell Pompompurin merchandises here too

pompompurin cafe singapore

with the handsome waiter 

yea, he is my lunch kaki of the day 

The Menu

Here's my lunch today, too cute!!! 

Pompompurin Taco Rice - S$19.90 

Mexican Japanese fusion dish in the shape of the cute cartoon character.  Love the taco ingredients and the nachos.
Yum ...

Love love Marshmallow Latte - S$12.99

Yes everything is expensive, from the drinks to the food to the authentic Purin merchandise. But I think overall it is still a positive experience for me although I’m not a big fan of Purin. It’s so cute that it’s ridiculous. 

How to get there

Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Opening Hours
Daily; 11 am to 10.30pm (Last order at 10pm)
No reservations allowed, No takeaways

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