Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask Review

Today I would like to share with you girls this two months I was using LUSH face mask - OATIFIX and it's actually is my 1st try for this product.

It's contains banana, almonds, honey and oatmeal, and it smells so yummy! 

Yup, and I called it cereal mask

It’s looks totally gross like I puke on my face but it's leaves my skin baby bum soft and best of all, it smells fantastic. 

The great thing about this mask, is that it’s really exfoliating as well, as in, you can rub it all over your face right before you take it off, but it’s also moisturizing. Whilst it’s on, I can actually see the moisture part oiling up your face, which is what my skin desperately needed!

Overall, if you're in desperate need of something to quickly fix your dry skin, you couldn't do much better than Oatifix.

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