Collection of Renunciation Certificate at Malaysia High Comm

Once renunciation of your Malaysian citizenship has been approved, you will receive a letter from Malaysia High Commission and asking you to go down to collect your Form K and birth certificate within one month from the date of the letter. 

You have to bring down the following documentation:
  1.  Singapore Identity Card (photocopy front and back of identity card);
  2. Singapore Citizenship Certificate (photocopy front and back of certificate); 
  3. Singapore Passport (photocopy of page with photograph of passport holder); and
  4. Deed Poll / Baptism (if name has been changed), if applicable.

a) If you have temporary Singapore ID, please get  “certified copy” of your Singapore ID and Citizenship certificate from ICA Singapore before coming to the High Commission; 

b) All original documents must be submitted with two (2) sets of photocopies

Time: 2.30pm-4pm
 I went down to Malaysia High Commission, submitted copies of Singapore IC, Singapore Citizenship Certificate and Singapore passport. After a short wait (less than 10min), they will return you Form K & birth certificate

Go back to ICA before 5.30pm, level 5 to photocopy ONE set of Form K, then go to level 6. Get your queue no, select "collection of document". Please proceed to waiting area counters 22-23 
then submit to the person in charge at main counter (less than 5 min) 

Done !!!

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