Perfect Skin:: One Shot Cover Stick Foundation Review

Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation

Hey Dolls ~~ 
for those who want dewy skin like Song Ji Hyo please be alert!!! 

Perfect skin-One Shot Cover Stick Foundation智孝粉底 [Verson 3] is selling now and I just got myself one stick two weeks ago =D

You probably came across some video about this product on youtube or facebook before, because it's quite famous item NOW!!! 

  Please watch this video & you will  it like me 

Portable 3 in 1 Base +Sunscreen + Foundation

It is an industry-forward product that work as a true multi-task for everyone, not just women. It can help to eliminate so many products/ steps for makeup & become your skin care, sunscreen, primer, and foundation in one container. 

With this portable, multi-tasking + user-friendly product, you can fix your makeup super quickly anywhere anytime and just like having your very own Pro Makeup Artist 24/ 7 right there with you!

For a mama like me, every single time is precious especially working days. Within 10 min, I have done all my skincare & make up. So that I have extra time to play with my daughter.

Two Colors to choose: 

No.21 Light Complexion: Brightly glowing skin tone

No. 23 Natural Complexion: Healthy & radiant skin tone

I choose the natural base color ^^ (always the safer) 

The foundation stick is double sided where one side of it is foundation itself and another side is actually a brush! It's totally worth it to get 2 items in 1 product, what a good deal!

Do not need to worry about the quality of the brush, it's quite soft and the angle of the brush does help to blend the foundation evenly! 

Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation

This adorable stick foundation can transforms your skin through instant skin perfection and long-lasting makeup. Its advanced lightweight formulation delivers a very subtle sheen with high coverage and great adhesion to your skin. Patented Vitamin-C complex core essence illuminates your complexion and whitening your skin, also visibly minimizes all imperfections, pores, fine lines, and dark spots instantly and over time.

After I watched this video, I was like is that really so good to use?  
Well, Let's me try up how good it is 

Step 1: Gently twist the bottom part of main container for 0.5cm of stick foundation then apply a thin layer directly on your face, no primer is needed generally. It's a easy as it sounds and allows you to blend easily while building up Coverage for a desired result.

Perfect Skin One Shot Cover Stick Foundation

Step 2: Use the built-in Special designed professional foundation brush for blending the foundation inside out evenly onto your skin in order to get a flawlessly blended, full coverage, high definition results. 

Finally: perfect skin finished (Especially love the 光泽)

I've the same & good skin like Song Ji Hyo (No photo edited)

My complexion really become flawless & healthy after using this cover stick. Long-lasting makeup (yes) but coverage was so so, I still need to apply concealer for my dark circle.

So far, I quite this product and definitely will order the 2nd stick.

 ~~ Thanks for reading ~~ 

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