Sponsored: Glamabox April 2015

Glamabox is a beauty box based in Hong Kong, and well known in Singapore and Taiwan as well. Each item is handpicked  by founder and international fashion model Lisa S, who tries them first.

Thanks to Glamabox for the April beauty box, I love this spring pinky color box! 

Here are all that's in the box this time!

Boots - Extracts Vanilla Body Butter 
(Made in USA) SGD 14 200ml

It's containing Vanilla Extract derived from the Vanilla Planifolia bean. Intensively moisturises and hydrates, leaving skin soft and smooth. This velvety smooth body butter absorbs instantly for deeply hydrated, luxuriously soft skin. With super soft scents and a non-greasy formula, prepare for the ultimate indulgence.

Direction to use :
Smooth a generous amount of Vanilla body butter into the skin after bathing or showering concentrating on dry areas. For optimum results, before moisturising prepare skin with Boots Extracts Vanilla body scrub.

Gerda Spillmann- Bio-Fond (Made in Swiss) 完美光彩粉底膏4.5g

Bio-Fond Cream Make up is a creamy, skin-friendly and soothing make-up. The complexion immediately takes on a smooth, fresh and radiant appearance. Lecithin and tocopherol enhance the skin’s metabolism, promote firmness of the skin and stimulate cell replacement.

 The ingredients in Bio-Fond also act as antioxidants and preserve vital moisture in the skin. 

Skin type: suitable for all skin type, ideal also for sensitive skin

Usage: Apply proper amount on face and spread lightly with puff along with the skin line.

YSYOO – Snail White 88.8 Serum

特級蝸牛精華素 (Made in Korea)

30 ml HKD 380

Snail White 88.8 Serum contains a high concentration of 88.8% snail filtrate. The mucin in the snail filtrate can lock the moisture of the skin, repair the skin effectively and promote the regeneration of epidermal cells, resulting in an excellent anti-ageing effect. With the application of Korean herbal formula, the product lightens acne traces, scars and blemishes, with an anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory effect. Oil Control and tighten the pores as well. With the rich collagen and elastin, the product maximizes the moisturizing effect and resumes the elasticity and moisture of the skin.

Usage: Apply it gently on the face and the neck with massage after cleansing and toning in the morning and at night, until the serum is totally absorbed.

Morii Skin Care (Made in Taiwan)
Lifting Crystal Eye Patches for Dark Pouches 

It's contains organic lavender, platinum, peptide, Vitamin K and tranexaamic Acid. It's boots skin's natural powers of regeneration so it retains the qualities of young skin. The skin looks rested, smoother and youthfully luminous. It also brightens up dark pouches.

Direction to use: After cleaning face, apply under your eye.

Beauty Day - Olive Oil Hand Cream 

It is special formulated with natural olive oil that is non-irritating and can be safely used by infants.The cream can replenish and soothe chapped skin instantly. It provides natural nourishment that softens and smooths the skin.

Direction of use: Apply an ample amount of the hand cream to hands and cuticles when required and gently massage the hands until the hand cream absorbed

AXIS - Sense of space perfume 
(Made in France)

It's opens with top notes of pear, spearmint and bergamot. The middle notes of Clover, rose, Ylang Ylang and base notes that blend with Floral and fruity scents tease your senses. 

This fresh scent makes you recall the beautiful Sunday morning and keeps you energized throughout the day. 

Usage: Apply onto your wrist, neck and body parts.

 AQ – AQ Bio Sanitizer (General Purpose) 7ml HKD 10

AQ Bio Sanitizer is a conglomeration of over 20 different kinds of botanical extracts, utilizing the latest biotechnology to make it one of the most acclaimed sanitizer available on the market. 

It was designed to eliminate germs and disintegrate all organic contaminants effectively. It helps for instant disinfection, deodorization, and VOC decomposition.

 It also helps for soothing relieves of all minor sub-health problems and the spread of contagious deceases.

I love this product especially the smell. I will definitely purchases it =D 

Usage: Spray directly to air or apply onto hands, body parts, utensils & any contacting surface.

The good thing about samples is that you get to try a bit of everything. Glamabox also does collaboration with brands that I haven't heard before, therefore widening my brand knowledge. There were a few products that I've started to love because of all these samples!

Have you gotten your Glamabox yet?

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