Glamabox February 2015 Review

Glamabox is a universal beauty box that ship internationally, they collect different beauty products, including skin care, makeup and even beauty tools from all around the world and pack them into the monthly box to offers to their users. It’s a great way if you would like to try out different popular beauty products from around the world outside of Singapore.

Thanks to Glamabox for the February beauty box =))

Revealing the box of items for February 2015!

Swiss O PAR from Germany
Lemon / Passion Fruit Hair Pillow Mask  2 pieces

Lemon Pillow Hair Mask is suitable for normal and coloured hair. Contains Lemon extract which removes build up. Enriched in Vitamin C provides antioxidant properties to prevent hair from splitting and breaking.  Also contains Pro-vitamin B3 which strengthens, protects and nourishes the scalp. Your hair is kept fresh and light, and will look shinier and thicker after using.  Without silicon.

Passion Fruit Pillow Hair Mask is suitable for normal and structurally damaged hair. Formula with Passion Fruit extract is rich in vitamin C, providing antioxidants that prevent hair from splitting and breaking. Protects against free radicals, restores damaged hair and greatly conditions dry hair. Also with Pro-vitamin B3 which strengthens, protects and nourishes the scalp. Greater resistance to breakage and increases vitality of your hair after usage.  Without silicon.

Dream Skin from Korea

Pore Clear Snail Whitening Clay Mask 100 g

Pore Clear Snail Whitening Clay Mask contains Snail Secretion Filtrate, Canadian Colloidal Clay, Pore Refining and Whitening Essence. The mask is refresh texture. It can purify and minimize pores effectively. It also helps whiten skin.
Usage: Use the packaged spoon to apply an even layer onto clean and dry skin, avoiding eyebrows, hairlines, lips and eyes area. Leave on for 15-20 minutes or completely dry. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Booster mask & white scale 

Booster Mask included the alfa-arbutin and vitamin E, it can boost up cell overnight to generate strength skin and make the skin cells shed faster and more efficient to stop the problem of wrinkles .

White Scale can prevent skin deterioration. It also decrease the production of skin pigment, help brighten skin and reduce aging wrinkle with the overnight resolution.

Jayanti from Italy
Cellulite cream + Recovery serum

Cellulite Cream

Suitable for skins with fragile capillaries, irritated skin and skin with sporadic episodes of light dermatitis, skin with stretch marks and dull tissue, tissue with imperfections such as fluid retention and cellulite.
A cream with a high content of organic aloe vera gel, enriched with organic extra-virgin olive oil and wild-harvested horse chestnut, peppermint and burdock extracts, combining the soothing properties of aloe vera hydrating, protective, healing and regenerating with the toning, protective, capillary-reinforcing, draining, refreshing and purifying properties of olive oil, horse chestnut, peppermint and burdock. 
It is effective in treating stretch marks (thanks to its de-reddening and healing properties), water retention, orange-peel skin and cellulite.

Recovery Serum

Suitable for healthy and normal young skin, seborrheic skin, asphyctic skin, irritated skin, skins to be rebalanced, skin with acne, dehydrated skin, sensitive and with couperose skin exposed capillaries.
An organic aloe vera gel containing wild-harvested peppermint aqueous extract and vitamin C as a preservative. 
Thanks to its composition, this aloe vera gel is a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral skin preparation with anti-aging, anti-radical, acidifying, pore-tightening, anti-inflammatory, soothing, protective and hydrolipidic film re-balancing properties. 
It helps maintain the skin’s immune response at a high level and activate skin repair processes, promoting healing. 
As it reaches the deepest layers of the skin, it also has strong oxygenating, cell-regenerating, moisturising, transmitting and collagen-stimulating effects. 
The peppermint oil performs a refreshing and filmforming action, while increasing anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. 
It can be used as a transmission medium in ultrasound-based treatments.

Beautymate from Taiwan

 Ultimate Whitening Invisible Mask 1pc

Ultimate Whitening Invisible Mask with unique multiple whitening factor contains proteolytic enzymes and active ingredient that can deactivate tyrosinase. It inhibits melanin production and stimulates youthful cell renewal for brighter, more radiant skin.  Also contains Niacinamide can penetrate deep into the skin providing greater benefits.  It can inhibit the transfer of melanin to the skin’s surface by 90%, giving you long-lasting flawless white.

Usage: Spread mask over face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes then remove.

Dorissiderm from USA

Radiant Overnight Gel Mask + Molecular Hydration™ 

Radiant Overnight Gel Mask which ingredients of natural seaweed, and variety ofplants which have anti-inflammatory detoxification and stabilizationfunction, so, you can have a high degree of moisturizing, soothinginflammation, whitening, accelerate metabolism, anti-free radicals,repairing, calm and stabilization effect, also, dilute acne scars, let youhave a prefer skin.
Usage: Apply a small amount onto the face and neck for 30-60 minutes and wash off thoroughly with water or for better results apply overnight and wash off the next morning .

Molecular Hydration™, just one simple moisturizing step to producemultiple clinical benefits for your skin. This product is developed by famous of beauty profession – DR KENDRICK. The unique formulation of Molecular Hydration™ to penetrate the deepest structure of your skin,then you can feel moisturizing and nourishing.
Usage: Apply appropriate amount to the entire skin after cleanser in the morning and night.

 Illuminating Cleanser + Illuminating Serum + Illuminating Moisturiser + Instant Illuminating Face Lift + Instant Illuminating Eye Lift

Illuminating Cleanser gently removes dirt and make-up on your skin, also deep clean pores simultaneously. Ingredients from nature and Australia’s plants. Formula contain vitamin B3, C and E.  Antioxidant ingredients and essential oils, more effective of cleaning and whitening your skin, it would not harm the skin’s natural oils, and can keep the skin smooth and moist.
Usage: Gently massage the face in circular motions avoiding eyes, rinse with warm water and pat on dry skin area every day.

Illuminating Serum can effectively dilute the stain, brighten and conditions skin. Formula contains vitamin B3, C and E, antioxidants, essential oils and plant.  Ingredients can deeply moisturize the skin, reduce fine lines and significantly promote cell regeneration. And bearberry and licorice ingredients can significantly repair and shiny skin.  Moreover, rich of marine collagen also prevent senescence and have boot up your skin.
Usage: Apply small amount and gently apply face and neck for every morning and evening.

Illuminating Moisturiser can deep moisturizing and nourishing the skin, leaving the skin soft, smooth and elastic. Formula contains vitamin B3, C and E, antioxidant, essential oils and plant, those help moisturize the skin long-lasting.  Moreover, essential oils – nut oil, which moisturizing skin moist and will not clog pores. Boot up shiny skin, revert to prefer status, avoid environmental pollution violations.
Usage: Apply small amount and gently apply face and neck for every morning and evening.

Instant Illuminating Face Lift can effectively reduce facial wrinkles, revitalizing skin cells and improve skin elasticity.  Kakadu Plum and liquorice root are anti-inflammatory and hydrating extracts which sooth, clarify and brighten the skin. The multi-functional formula immediately begins to rejuvenate and reduce the appearance of fine lines resulting in healthy, vibrant and youthful skin.
Usage: Apply small amount and gently apply face and neck for every morning and evening.

Instant Illuminating Eye Lift with an instant effect to resolve aging-specific concerns for the eyes, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, also boot up eye cell regeneration, relieve baggy eyelids and dark circles diminished.  Ingredients containing more effectively delay skin aging and eye-oxidants function, also,Kakadu Plum and liquorice root have anti-inflammatory, reduces inflammation and firming function,   revert to have young look.
Usage: Apply small amount and gently apply eye for every morning and evening.

That's it for the CNY Beauty Box!!! 

Have you gotten your Glamabox yet?

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