Glamabox November 2014 Review

Thanks to April Chong - the kind people at Glamabox sent me the NOVEMBER beauty box !!!  
Feels pampered as a box comes to me every month especially when it came on my birthday month !!! 

This month glamabox is full of travel sample packs! 

I'm addicted to small sized or travel sized products as I can use it when I travel back to my hometown or holiday. ^^

1. Benefit - The POREfessional & POREfessional Agent Zero Shine

2. Dermal - Masks (Additional free gift from Glamabox)

3. La Roche- Posay - Ultra light & Cleanser 

4. Brand's Innershine - Ruby Collagen Essence Strip

5. SYMA - Scrub, Cleanser, Moisture liquid & White skin cream

6. Sebamed - Clear Face Gel

7. Abeeco - Anti-Aging cream, Eye cream & Mask

Can't believe that I also received brand of benefit cosmetic (made in USA) in glamabox!! Hooray~

The POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine(NEW) 7g HK 295

Invisible shine-control powder instantly minimizes shine and helps smooth the look of pore. Suitable for every skin-tone

Instruction: Just twist, tap & sweep on the T zone and cheeks. Sample pack can using the provided brush to dip the powder and apply. 

The POREfessional (毛孔遮瑕膏)22ml - HK 305
  • quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! 
  • contain vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals. 
  • Translucent, oil-free formula complements to all skin tones and helps makeup stay . 
Usage: Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone,under or over makeup. Pat on cheeks & T zone with fingertips.

See the POREfessional in action! 

Watch out to find out how our best-selling PRO balm helps to minimize the look of pores and reduce shine.. even on lemons!

Dermal Mask (made in Korea)

Red Ginseng Collagen Essence Mask 
It contains red ginseng extract which is very effective for skin revitalization thus it can keeps those who have tired and troubled skin smooth and elastic. 

Sea Cucumber Supreme Mask 
It contains sea cucumber which makes skin elastic, anti-aging, anti-trouble, moisturizing & whitening.

La Roche-Posay (made in France) one of my favorite brand
The only skincare product has been accredited by the French Allergy Prevention Associate in new light texture. 
 Tested on allergic and atopic skin. It provides intensively and long-lastingly soothing care for allergic skin.
Toleriane Ultra Light - 40ml HKD 280 
  •  Immediate and long-lasting relief face and eyes with Intensive soothing fluid.
  • Suitable for ultra-sensitive or allergic skin.
Toleriane Dermo Clenser - 200ml HKD 230
  • Cleansing and makeup removal fluid.
  • kept free of dehydration and irritation, and makeup us gently removed.
  • Suitable for all types of intolerant skin.

Brand's Innershine Ruby Collagen Essence strip 10pcs HKD 349
RubySignature Formula is a powerful skin nutrient matrix that promotes firmer and youthful skin. It also defies the aging process by performing vital triple-action of "supply, protect and support".
Infused with natural pomegranate juice, Ruby Collagen Essence strip is a truly delicious and indispensible beauty oral supplement that caters to your anti-aging needs.

 It is flavoured with natural pomegranate juice. It is recommended that you take it once or twice a day, ideally after you have eaten, for optimum collagen levels.


SYMA (Made in Hong Kong) 

Soothing Cleansing Milk 120ml HKD 320
Removes make up and impurities from the skin. Soothing retains the skin's natural balance in water level, your skin will feel fresh, pure and soft. 

Usage: Apply to the face and neck, rinse off with water.

Seaweed Srub 100g HKD 430
It contains seaweed fiber to replace the rough scrub particles, which can deep cleansing, refine the corneous layer and remove impurities and dead cells. Reduction in wrinkles, scar, melanin and blackheads. Lastly, it also cleanses the skin without irritation. Suitable for face & body.

Usage: Apply the scrub onto the dry skin, wait 3 minutes and massage gently. It will become oily and then liquid - like with dead cells peeling off. Rinse off with warm water.

Hydrolyed Pearl Beauty Skin Cream 50g  HKD 590
It contains valuable hydrolyzed pearl ingredients which can activate SOD, eliminate ion in the skin, prevent dehydration and aging of skin, simultaneously revitalize the growth of skin protein alleviate wrinkle, generating skin elasticity and tightness.
The minor substance from the the cream can clear oxidation waste, effectively remove freckles and melanin, and create softer and brighter skin tone.

Usage:Apply to the face after cleansed and toned routine. 

Grape Seed Moisture liquid 75 ml HKD 500

It contains concentrated Graph Polyphenols which can prevent cell oxidation and free radicals, help tightening skin and preventing the skin from slacking, With super moisturizing power which can absorb more than 500-1000 times of moisture and maintain them in between cells, make the skin more refine and smooth, and prevent the formation of wrinkles. 
Lastly, it also providing double effectiveness in whitening, fading dark sports and freckles and eliminating uneven skin tone. 

Usage: After cleansing, spray appropriate amount of product on to face and neck, and gently pat on it until fully absorbed.

Sebaed - Clear Face Care Gel 50ml HKD 128
It is an ideal moisturizing gel for oily and spot prone skin. 
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Barbadensis, help achieve optimal hydro-lipid balance
  • with Allantoin and Panthenol, sooth irritated skin 
  • ph5.5 strengthens the natural protective layer of skin, minimizes new spots development
Usage: After cleansing the skin , apply to the face with gently massage

Abeeco (Made in New Zealand)
New Zealands trusted home of natural health supplements including 100% Pure NZ Bee Pollen, Resveratrol, Acai Berry, Colon Cleanse, Bee Venom... 

I know this brand because of 女人我最大 as they strongly recommend the Bee Venom Mask =D

Anti-Aging Creme 50g HKD 525
Softening and smoothing skin by promote skin cells renewal. It also with collagen to improve skin density thus, allows skin to return its best elastic quality.

Royal Eye Cream 15g HKD 458
Abbeco special and silky formula has an anti-aging quality that can smooth, moisturize and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It can easily be absorbed. 

Bee Venom Mask 50g HKD600
Combining the most advance anti winkle technique, Venom and Manuka Honey from New Zealand, and unique natural herbal formula to expand its functions to the most extend. It repairs skin by removing fine lines, smoothing and providing lifting and firming. 

Usage: Massaging gently, apply a generous layer on face twice daily and leave for 20 min. Wash off.

Special thanks to those generous brand :-

So that’s all for the November Glamabox!  

Go subscribe on their website!  :)

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