Sponsored: Glamabox October 2014

Yay, Thanks to April Chong - the kind people at Glamabox sent me the October edition!!!

This is my second Glamabox and you can read about the first one here. :) 

this bear called 肉肉熊 was created by the HK artist John Ho 
it was under <肉肉熊电影篇> limited edition

Cute,right ?  All bear bear sitting there patiently for movie. 
LOL ...

Nicely packed box with the product description!

It’s really cool that the October Glamabox contain brands from USATaiwan,Hong Kong and Hokkaido !! That’s one of the perks when you subscribe to a beauty box; you’ll get to try exciting products from all over the world.

1. Michael Todd True Organics - Skin Loving Facial Wipes 

2. Michael Todd True Organics - Pumpkin Nutrient F. Mask

3. Sofei - Horse Mana extract oil nourishing hair treatment

4. Isaworkshop - Intensive Whitening Mask

5. Noelle - Body Mist 

6. Fresh Line - Poseidon Body Milk 

7. Fresh Line -Terpsichore Brightening & Revitalizing Hair Balm

Let's start!!! 

Michael Todd True Organics - Skin Loving Facial Wipes 

Retail price: SGD 8.90/30pcs 

100% organic cotton mpist towelettes are scented with refreshing cucumber and infused with a proprietary blend of Chamomile, Marigold, Cocunut and Aloe vera to clean and fresh. 

Usage: Gentle wipe your face with towelette to remove dirt, oil and make up.

Michael Todd True Organics - Pumpkin Nutrient F. Mask

Retail price: SGD 49.90/100ml

It contains nutrient rich pumpkin and glycolic acid which can moisturize and firm, improve skin elasticity. The most important thing is can reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Usage: After cleansing, apply an even layer over face. Leave on 5-10 min and rinse =D 

Additional information about Michael Todd brand: -

Sofei - Horse Mana extract oil nourishing hair treatment

Retail price: 20.70 / 280ml

Horse mane extract oil nourishing hair treatment extracted from Royal Champion Horse in Hokkaido, Japan. Products are produced under close guidance of Japan technical profession using lactoferrin and upgraded formula. It can penetrate hair roots to eliminate grease and residual chemicals. It also can repair capelin hair due by chronic exposure or dyeing chemicals, strengthen hair elasticity and build a healthy scalp, so that chance of hair broken is improved which water is allowed to lock within the hair. Guarantee a totally refreshed feeling after used.

Usage: Apply suitable amount on wet hair, gentle massage with fingertips and rinse with water.

Isaworkshop - Intensive Whitening Therapy Face Mask
Retail price: SGD 21.30 /5pcs

Apply the mask on face around 15 min, gently massage until all essence is completely absorbed.

Noelle - Lime Grapefruit Body Mist 
Retail price: HKD 125/100ml

It is ti refreshing, uplifting and luxurious body fragrance that lightly hydrates and moisturize your body with cell-lifting complex.  

Usage: Spritz the body mist on your body for a sensuous. 

Fresh Line -Terpsichore Brightening & Revitalizing Hair Balm
Ingredient: Mandarin, Neroli, Sage and Nettle
Good for dull hair for regulates and replenishes. 

Fresh Line - Poseidon Body Milk 
Ingredient: Aloe Vera, Grapefruit seed oil, Bergamot & Lavender
Good for hydrates and soften skin. 

More information about Fresh Line: - 
  • Replace water with herbal tea from 8 organic cretan herbs
  • Replace machinery by hand-crafting the product
  • Replace chemical substances with botanical extracts and essential oils
  • Replace petrochemicals with juices, buttes and oils

 I love that they don't just feature Asian brands
 including a really wide variety from all over the world! 

So that’s all for the October Glamabox! 

Go subscribe on their website!  :)

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