Clozette Halloween Voting contest !!!


Win $250 worth of MAC Cosmetics just by voting for your favourite Halloween look submitted by the winning Clozette Ambassador! 


如果你有空,不要忘了按进去投我一票哦! 拜托拜托~~
How to Vote? 

1) Sign in to your Clozette account. Or sign up if you're not a member yet.

2) Vote for your favourite Halloween look by clicking on the
HEART BUTTON and tell us why you like it!

3) $250 worth of MAC Cosmetics await the Clozette Ambassador with the most number of votes.

4) Another $250 worth of MAC Cosmetics will be raffled off to the voters of the winning Ambassador!

Contest runs from 27 October – 07 November 2014

Good luck and may the best Halloween look win!  

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