Sponsored: Glamabox September 2014

Back from my honeymoon trip and I saw this beauty box from Glamabox on my desk!!!

 Yeah another beautiful surprises arrived on my doorstep! 

Glamabox is a universal beauty box that ship internationally, they collect different beauty products, including skin care, makeup and even beauty tools from all around the world and pack them into the monthly box to offers to their users. It’s a great way if you would like to try out different popular beauty products from around the world outside of Singapore.

Thanks to Glamabox for the sponsored and here is my first box for September 2014.

When I first opened the box, I was taken a back by the amount of beauty products inside filled to the brim! It’s too good to be true. 

Nicely packed box with the product description!

  • Dermal - Rose Collagen Essence Mask
  • Exsicata - Hydrating Anti-Aging Night Cream  
  • LSnP - Moisture Shampoo & Moisture Conditioner
  • All Belle - Oxy Fibre False Eyelashes 1 pair & Nail Art Patch 12 stickers
  • Sebamed  - Visio Active Hydro Gel
  • Enita - 2 in 1 Shower Lotion / Body Balm & Scrub
  • Re:cipe - Lemon / Adlay Slowganic Cleanser
  • Handmade Pure Castile body wash

Sebamed - Visio Active Hydro Gel 50 ml
Retail price: SGD 29.80 

Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera can optimally release and activate skin's natural moisturizing system and promotes the cell regeneration. Improve skin moisture content and a significant reduction in skin roughness.  

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Dermal - Rose Collagen Essence Mask
Retail price: SGD 2.60 

Contains rose water and especially effective for supplying moisturizing to dry and rough skin and makes the skin bright and elastic. It also keep skin healthy and clean. 

 Exsicata - Hydrating Anti-Aging Night Cream 

Retail price: SGD161 / 50g 

It enriched with botanical extracts of Brazilian Ginseng, Caesalponia Spinosa and Scutellaria Baicalensis to reduce the signs of aging whilst contributing firmness and hydration for a beautiful skin.It also helps to nourish, smoothen and firm the skin replenishing it for a shinning morning awakening.

  Apply at night after cleansed skin using circular upward motions. Apply on neck using gentle upward motions.

LSnP - Moisture Shampoo & Moisture Conditioner
Retail price: SGD 11

LSnP shampoo contains grape seed oil, which is highly anti-oxidant and creates a protective case on your hair. Prevents moisture loss and hair-splits and at the same time, making your hair smoother and shiner.

 All Belle - Oxy Fibre False Eyelashes 1 pair & Nail Art Patch 12 stickers
Retail price: 
SGD17.50 for 5 pairs of false eyelashes 
SGD 5.40 for Nail art patch 12 stickers

 Enita - 2 in 1 Shower Lotion / Body Balm / Scrub

Retail price: shower lotion SGD30 - 300ml / Body balm SGD 19 - 200ml 

2 in 1 Shower Lotion: Gentle and non-drying shower lotion, reveals soft, smooth skin after 1 use. Contains mild gentle surfactant  to ensure clean rinse and long lasting moisture.  Apply and massage over body. Rinse off with warm water. 

Body Butter blend with shea butter and argan oil, moisturise and replenish dry and uncomfortable skin.I will bring them along as my travel kit for my next travel ^^ 

Handmade Pure Castile Body Wash 
 Retail price: SGD 29.10 - 500ml 

Is a mild and moisturizing body wash ideal for the most sensitive skin. It also assists acne, bruises, dermatitis and eczema. It aids a mature skin.

Re:cipe - Lemon / Adlay Slowganic Cleanser 
 Retail price: SGD 71.80 - 100g 

Contains 65% tea of green tea, 7 kinds of supreme essential oil , 12 kinds of plant and fresh cream. Shining  and brightening function. Made by skilled craftsman to give gratifying and comfortable using the product. 

Suitable for any human, even baby can also be safe to use.

It can be used either as a cleanser or as a mask. 
To use it as a cleanser, take appropriate amount of product and smooth it out evenly skin. Take a small amount of water and massage until foam forms. Rinse off with warm water.
 To use as mask, take appropriate amount of product and and spread evenly and massage your face. Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

 I haven't got the chance to try out the products yet!!

I felt that beauty box really helps to introduce and discover new products =D

So why not give yourself a try on new products every month!!! 

Go subscribe on their website!  :)

 How it works

1) Choose your glamabox subscription plan and create your glamaprofile!

2) Receive 4-5 personalized deluxe beauty products selected by Lisa S & glamabox team at your door step every month.

3) Like their products! Purchase the full size in our Glamashop and earn glamapoints. Then get rebates from purchasing in glamashop!

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