Alive Museum in Singapore :: What you see comes to life !!!

I was invited to experience the first and original 3D illusion museum in Singapore that is located at Suntec City Mall (between Tower 3 & Tower 4) which has over 80 masterpieces, of which 9 are locally themed and unique to Singapore.

What is Alive Museum?

Alive Museum is Korea’s original and biggest chain of illusionary Entertainment Museum, now in Singapore!

Not only can you touch and feel the exhibits, you can also hop into the frame and become part of the art masterpieces that play on optical illusion. 

Unique to Alive Museum Singapore is a section of painting inspired by local scenes. 
Every year, 30% of the artworks will be renewed and you can expect holiday related themes to the artworks during holiday seasons!

Perfect For?
Couples, Friends, OR Families

Honestly, I love the place at first,but the problem was it is super crowded. You stand here to take photo, people will ask you to moved as you are blocking them.
It would have been better if the place was bigger ^^ 

Anyway, We still happy to visit Alive Museum to have our very own collection of such shots. 
We had a really fun evening!

There is the board to show you how to photo shoot the draw

Just a gentle remind that : - 

Don't wear skirts

Unless you're an exhibitionist of some sort, I'd recommend that you not wear a skirt or dress to Alive Museum. Trying to maintain your decency while doing poses such as this doesn't go well together.

 Load up on chargers

We was there about 2 hours and my phone battery nearly flat!! Lucky that I still have back up which is D爱人's phone for me to record video =P  

What Sort Of Illusions Are There?

Trick Art

Trick Art was very popular in Baroque era in 16th Century. Using 3D painting techniques, these art pieces trick your eyes and stimulate your mind into seeing both illusion and reality at the same time.

In the warmth of month's arm

Move like Michael Jason 

Fighting !! D is so cool 

Hi Hi ... 

 flexible body ** shocked** 

~~ RUN ~~ 

All about baby!! 

Neh Neh Neh Pu Pu ... You can't catch me =P 

Put me down~~ arhhhh ... 

Experimental Art 

Experimental Art combines new technology with various digital art concepts for visitors to actively interact with one another. One visitor may become an artist, and the other, a masterpieces. 

Watch out or my power kick!! 

Put me down, I'm not your toy!! 

It is so hard to become mermaid's Ariel!! 

when you heads up, there is a strong burst of air once you lean forward! I was like tries so many times, & this is the only best shot =( 

Digital Art 

Digital Art combines state-of-the-art technologies and the art to enable visitors to experience art beyond what is seen, and enjoy art pieces like never before!

Object Art

Object Art are Sculptures and installations that challenge our senses. Do you believe what you see? Touch and be part of the sculpture pieces for an immersive experience and picture stories that will astound your friends!

Revenge what I've done at Hua Hin ... 
His turn to kissing a spider woman!!?? LOL .. 

Save me, please~~

Row me to the moon 


It's just a split!! LOL 

A bird's eye view of the world

Halo, Giraffe =D 

Last but not least, here are my short video ... 

This Alive Museum, it's not the most awesome place in the world, but it's quite cool and interesting to visit. 

Venue: Alive Museum, Suntec City #03-372 
(between Towers 3 and 4)
Don’t miss this attraction! Add it to your must-visit list!
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