Brazilian Keratin Treatment - Spade Hair Studio

Our looks are always dependent on our hair and I'm glad to received this generous sponsorship by Spade Hair Studio @ Marine Parade Central! 

I would like to share my experience and review on their services. I did my hair treatment with Patsy, the creative stylist of Spade Hair Studio. 

Spade Hair Studio 

a new hair salon that officially opens on 6th July 2014 at Block 81, Marine Parade Central 
The salon provides haircuts, wash & blow, styling, treatments, perm, hair rebonding and chemical services. 

Customer satisfaction is their main emhasis, and they do so by understanding their customers first and then delivering on what the customers want.

I'm very satisfied with this objective of theirs and it is definitely a good point I raise when making recommendations.

I'm loving my new hair treatment by Patsy, giving me a more sunshine & younger look =D 

Firstly, why I need a hair treatment badly?? 

My hair has become dry and frizzy after all these years of hair dyes and perms. 
It is good time that I did something about it.

See !! My hair so dry & frizzy (sob sob) 

and so... I'm here for my hair treatment 

If you are wondering what product brand they are using? 
Here is the answer: Shiseido 

After 15min discussion with Patsy (talked to her what is the problem I facing now & what I want), She opted for Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment to salvage my dry hair ends. 

Just in case you don't know what is Brazilian Keratin treatment like me .. (opss..) 
Here some information for you to understand

It is new and most advanced formaldehyde free hair smoothing & renewal system that leaves the hair silky, shiny, fizzy free and more manageable for 12 weeks. 

It contains Keraliss, an exclusive proprietary formula of amino acids, keratin and fruit acids, that offers improved smoothing, taming and frizz control.

Rebuilding each hair strand from the inside out and protecting and shielding from harsh environment or styling damage. 

Great for all hair types, colored or hi-lighted

1st step, cleanse hair with clean start shampoo & massage the hair shaft gently

Then apply scalp ampoule (to lift on balancing lotion oily and combination hair) 

Apply Intense Renewal Max products

Yes, she is Patsy!!!  pretty right ? 
Look closely, I found out she looks like Singapore singers - BY2 (Seriously!!!!) 
especially her smile ^^ 

Apply treatment from root to ends
Let Keratin Max stays on hair for 30 minutes before blow-dry.  If you having a thick hair, it probably need 45 minutes. 

This high-tech hair drying machine (heater) to distribute and let the chemical absorb in.

Time up!! 

Patsy & her bf's Billy (good match - 双剑合璧) are 
 blowing my hair to 90% dry, then use round brush to blow until 100% dry 

I was impressed by this treatment as it come out a little bit smoky during blow-dry process!! 
I was like what!!! WOW~so amazing !!!
I try to catch the moment using my phone but failed. 
So, I decided to take video to record this amazing treatment (sound so shua gu, Yes, I am !!! =P) 

if you can't see the smoky due to my blur video, why don't you go experience by yourself.. =D 

Yes, my feeling is exactly the same as below photo!! 


After hair become 90% straight, section the hair again and seal the Keratin with a 200-220 degree titanium flat iron. 

And Done !!

So far, this is the faster treatment I done before, it only spend for 2 hours which is I like
This is because fast, saving my time & good result


No joke!! Can you see the BIG different ?? 
I guess you can .. =P 

I like how much more rejuvenated my hair feels after the treatment, extra smooth and delicate

Thanks to Alice, Patsy & Billy 

Yes, I know .. You all for sure will ask me about the price

So far in market rate, this treatment cost S$300.00 but they now have opening promotion and only cost $170-$200


Spade Hair Studio
Block 81, Marine Parade Central #01-640 Singapore 440081
Tel: 6440 9481 


Come down and visit them or call them for appointments...

~ Thanks for reading & Hope you all will like it ~

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